OTA: Tuition-Free Charter School in San Diego

Old Town Academy is a tuition-free charter school in San Diego. A school like ours can provide students with a private school-quality education but doesn’t require high tuition fees.

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What’s the Difference Between a Charter and a Private School?

Private schools receive no funding from the government and are usually paid for by private donors, organizations, as well as tuition paid by parents. Many, but not all, private schools have a religious affiliation.

A charter school, like Old Town Academy, receives funding from the state and federal government, just like public schools do. However, charter schools are able to operate with a wide degree of autonomy and can create unique programs and policies they feel are best conducive to student success.

Old Town Academy was established by local parents who wanted to develop a charter K-8 school that adequately prepares students for private school—and that’s how Old Town Academy was born. Today, the school is managed by the Old Town Academy Parent Foundation, a non-profit organization led by volunteers.

Like other tuition-free charter schools, Old Town Academy does not charge tuition, and we’re non-sectarian in our policies, curriculum, and practices. However, our independence from local school districts allows us to create a stronger curriculum that fosters critical thinking, self-motivation, and lifelong learning.


Benefits of a Tuition-Free Charter School

When your student attends a tuition-free charter school, like Old Town Academy, they’ll receive an academic experience that features small class sizes, exceptional teachers, and challenging curriculum that you’d find at many private schools. However, you don’t have to pay the high tuition fees that private schools charge.

In other words, your student will enjoy a best-quality education for less than a fraction of the cost.

When you account for university loans (in the tens of thousands of dollars) and the fees charged by private high schools (which could also cost thousands of dollars), a private education from elementary school to college can place an extraordinary financial burden on students and their families.

A tuition-free K-8th charter school can help families minimize long-term academic costs, which also makes it easier for families to save money for college. However, your student will still receive an education that gives them the foundation for continuing academic success.


Why Choose a Tuition-Free Charter School in San Diego?

In San Diego, education costs are compounded by a high cost of living. It’s more difficult to pay for private school education—let alone save money for college—when you’re also dealing with high living costs, and it only gets more challenging if your student becomes involved in after-school activities that require extra money.

A tuition-free charter school in San Diego, such as Old Town Academy, is the best way of giving your student a premium education while setting them up for both academic and financial success.

At Old Town Academy, we also employ a uniform policy that’s beneficial for students, but also helps parents minimize spending on clothes and outfits.

Parent & Student Testimonials

Our approach has garnered positive feedback from both parents and students, highlighting the effectiveness of our educational model:

“As a parent, knowing my child gets a great education without breaking the bank is a huge relief.” - Parent
“I have a lot more fun at Old Town Academy. I get to do really cool things, like robotics and music. They didn’t have those at my old school.” - Student

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Learn about enrollment and waitlists. We are taking lottery applications for the 2024-2025 School Year - Sign Up for Consideration Now.