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Uniform Policy Summary and Store

OTA is a uniform school. The details are set forth in the Student-Parent Handbook on pages 26 to 29. The following summary is set forth for simplicity, but the detailed policy governs. There are three key items things you need to understand about the policy:
All shirts must have the OTA logo, and are available in our Uniform Store.
All pants, shorts, skorts or skirts can be purchased from the UNIFORM section of your favorite retailer.  If any item of clothing or accessories draws attention to your child, it probably violates the policy – the Principal will enforce the policy as set forth in the handbook. Please review the OTA Student-Parent Handbook for details.
OTA Approved Polo Shirt Colors are Royal Purple, Sport Grey, and Light Blue only.
OTA Approved Pant, Short, Skort and Skirt colors are Navy Blue and Khaki, only.
(No cargo or skinny pants, no denim, no jeggings)
Examples are set forth on the Online/Campus Store
K, 1, and 2 students may also wear navy blue jumpers. All grades may add white or navy blue tights or leggings under skorts or jumpers, and black biking shorts or white or blue tights or leggings under skirts.
* * * * * * * *
PE Uniforms must contain OTA Osprey logo and can be obtained from the OTA Online/Campus Store.
PE Shorts are solid Royal Purple, and PE Shirts are Sport Grey.
Note: Students wear their PE athletic uniforms to school on the days they have Physical/Outdoor Education (Schedules will be posted on Individual Class Blogs) or bring them to school and change.
* * * * * * * *
OTA Families may now order OTA Sweatshirts and Dark Blue Sweatpants, screen printed with the OTA Logo through the OTA Online /Campus Store
Note: for outerwear students may only wear OTA Sweatshirts or any sweatshirt with a College or University Logo, or a navy blue cardigan-style button sweater. Conforming hooded sweatshirts are allowed but hoods may not be worn in the building.
* * * * * * * *


Students must wear uniform-style navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, or skorts. K, 1, and 2 students may also wear navy blue jumpers. All grades may add white or blue tights or leggings under skorts or jumpers. Jeans(denim) are not allowed.
Students must wear athletic, off the rack, shoes.  Athletic shoes are tennis, running, cross-fit shoes.  Off the rack means no custom logos, and no negative prints (skulls, crossbones, checkerboard, leaves, weapons, etc.).   Students may not wear boots, clogs, crocs, sandals, ballerina slippers, flip-flops or any shoe that will not work for athletic activities.  Shoelaces must be the same color as each other.
Socks should be black, white, purple mostly-solid socks, same color on each leg.