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Mission Statement
We are the leaders of tomorrow, with the skills and competencies to be collaborators, communicators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. We are risk-takers that learn from experience in order to succeed in an ever-changing world.
In order to accomplish our mission and mold our students become future leaders, there is a lot of work to be done in the present. As such, the OTA curriculum and program is rigorous, is designed to become more rigorous each day, and is replete with high expectations. It is not for everyone, and students who are disinterested in or unwilling to put forth exceptional daily, and often hourly, effort are not encouraged to enroll at OTA. In addition to continuously pushing our students to high academic achievement, OTA embraces an expectation of personal and social responsibility toward oneself and each other.
 Old Town Academy is a K-8th grade charter school, with our charter petition approved by the San Diego Unified School District. We have a maximum number of 270 students, in grades kindergarten through 8th grade, with a maximum number of 30 students in each class. We maintain a statewide ranking of 9 out of 10. Our demographics continue to move towards matching those of the SDUSD district, and we are striving to create a diverse learning environment, promoting equity and excellence for all students. We are a uniform school, with strict adherence to the dress code and high expectations for positive behavior, assuring students are safe, respectful, and responsible. There are 11 Guiding Principles that represent the expected behaviors of each and every OTA stakeholder(students, staff, and parents): communication, collaboration, curiosity, courage, responsibility, reflection, persistence, integrity, compassion, transparency, and accountability.
 At Old Town Academy, we are focused on core knowledge, Project-Based Learning, and Digital Literacy. Our emphasis is on the process of learning and developing high-achieving independent learners, who will be prepared for success in high school, which will enable them to be college and career ready. We offer an extensive after school enrichment program, with offerings in ballet, violin, piano, karate, soccer, tennis, yoga, volleyball, STEM, chess, robotics, and more. Our enrichment program is an extension of classroom learning and leads to further development of well-rounded students who will become active thinkers and lifelong learners.
OTA is committed to:
1. EQUITY AND EXCELLENCE FOR ALL STUDENTS: We promise to keep expectations high for all students and to give them the learning tools and coaching they need to reach those expectations.
2. Teaching a BALANCED CURRICULUM that recognizes the many ways to achieve academic success. The OTA core learning strands include History & Geography, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Art and Art History, Music, and Physical Education. All Core Learning Strands are taught with a special emphasis on Project-Based Learning and Digital Literacy. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Robotics are also major components of our curriculum.
3. Using the CORE KNOWLEDGE CURRICULUM for all content areas, with alignment of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Visual and Performing Arts Standards (VAPA), the Social Studies Framework, and the Physical Education Framework.
4. Setting CLEAR LEARNING GOALS in every grade and learning strand, and sharing those goals with students, parents/guardians, and the community.
5. Measuring our own progress toward helping students meet those learning goals with an inhouse QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM, the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) test, project rubrics, and authentic assessments.
6. Maximizing students' hands-on learning time.
7. QUALITY ASSESSMENTS: Achievement-based "try again" grading process that assures that students strive for and submit quality work products and demonstrations of learning.
8. Maximizing teachers' one-on-one and small-group teaching opportunities.
9. Giving students CHOICES by providing and accepting more than one path to excellence.
10. Giving students REAL-TIME FEEDBACK as they work to complete assignments and projects, gradually releasing responsibility of learning.
11. Facilitating MEANINGFUL LESSONS with clear learning targets, accessing prior knowledge, and implementing technology to apply what they have learned and to give students the power to change their environment.
12. Providing a variety of TECHNOLOGY that includes, desktop computers, iPads, Chrome Books, mobile devices, and laptops. The use of technology enhances learning in all content areas, but quality teachers remain the most important in-school variable that impacts student learning.
13. Providing a SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT where it's "cool to be smart" and maintaining a strong anti-bullying policy that applies at all times.
14. Maintaining a STUDENT-TEACHER RATIO that is as low as possible in all learning periods.
16. Promoting COMMUNITY SERVICE both within the school and through outside projects.
If you’d like to learn more about Old Town Academy, please contact at 619 574-6225 or [email protected]