Leaders of Tomorrow

Old Town Academy is not only committed to building great students; we also want to develop excellent human beings who will become future leaders in their communities.

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What Do Students Need to Be Future Leaders?

To become the leaders of tomorrow, today’s students need to possess the following qualities:

  • Critical Thinking: The challenges facing our society are extremely complex with no easy solutions—a problem compounded by high levels of misinformation and a highly polarized political climate. Students will need to possess extraordinary critical thinking skills to sort through various perspectives and find the most effective solutions.
  • Self-Motivation: Young people are facing unprecedented job competition and academic competition, not to mention challenging economic conditions. Students need to be able to practice self-discipline and learn how to motivate themselves if they’re going to accomplish their academic, professional, and personal goals.
  • Exceptional Knowledge: Students should have a deep understanding of classical knowledge, from science, to mathematics, to the arts. But they should also know how to apply classical knowledge to modern times.
  • Human Virtues: We’re living in a contentious time and there’s a high level of animosity in our society. Our future leaders should be instilled with strong moral character and human virtues so they can build a more graceful society in the future.
  • Community Focus: In this day and age, there’s a great deal of focus on individuality, and our society isn’t quite as community-oriented as it used to be. The leaders of tomorrow should understand the importance of contributing to one’s community and be inspired to benefit their home through civic engagement.

How Do We Educate the Leaders of Tomorrow?

At Old Town Academy, we’re dedicated to building the leaders of tomorrow by developing our students’ knowledge, critical thinking skills, self-determination, and moral character. That’s reflected in our unique and challenging curriculum. Unlike public elementary schools, the curriculum and learning environment at Old Town Academy is focused on:

  • Applied Learning: Our teachers have the flexibility to incorporate current events and modern talking points into their lesson plans—but rest assured that our teaching is nonpartisan and focused primarily on helping students develop real-world context on the subjects they’re learning.
  • Digital Literacy: Our society runs on the internet, so we teach students how to find, analyze, and community information using digital technology.
  • A “Safe to Be Smart” Atmosphere: We take pride in fostering a welcoming learning environment where it’s “safe to be smart” and students are not only encouraged but celebrated for diving deep into their passions and interests. We have a strict anti-bullying policy, and our students learn to appreciate and support one another.
  • Guiding Principles: We have 11 Guiding Principles at Old Town Academy: communication, collaboration, curiosity, courage, responsibility, reflection, persistence, integrity, compassion, transparency, and accountability. These values are important for building strong moral character, and they’re infused into our students’ daily lesson plans and activities.


“Old Town Academy truly nurtures the leaders of tomorrow. The school’s emphasis on leadership skills, critical thinking, and personal responsibility has made a noticeable difference in my child’s confidence and abilities. My child is not only excelling academically but is also developing into a thoughtful and proactive leader.” - Parent
“At Old Town Academy, I’ve learned so much about what it means to be a leader. Through different projects and activities, I’ve gained confidence and learned how to work well with others. The school has really helped me to think critically and be more responsible.” - Student

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Learn about enrollment and waitlists. We are taking lottery applications for the 2024-2025 School Year - Sign Up for Consideration Now.