VA Domiciliary

At Old Town Academy, we are deeply committed to supporting our local military community, and many of our students come from military and veteran households. Our connection with the VA Domiciliary reflects our dedication to integrating values such as respect, responsibility, and service into our educational environment. This commitment is part of our broader effort to foster a sense of community and civic duty among our students.

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Emphasizing Core Values

The VA Domiciliary sits just across the street from Old Town Academy. While we do not have a formal partnership with the Domiciliary, we strive to honor and respect the contributions of our veterans through various initiatives and programs.

  • Community Engagement: We involve our students in community service projects that benefit local veterans, fostering a spirit of giving back and appreciation for those who have served.
  • Educational Initiatives: Through various school activities, students learn about the experiences and sacrifices of veterans, enhancing their understanding of history and civic responsibility.

Integrating Military Values

Our commitment to military values such as discipline, honor, and teamwork is reflected in our school culture and curriculum.

  • Core Virtues Education: We emphasize virtues like respect, perseverance, and responsibility, which align closely with military values. We reinforce these principles across all aspects of student life.
  • Leadership Development: Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through activities that mirror the discipline and structure found in the military.
  • Flag Friday: Every Friday, the VA Domiciliary collaborates with us to celebrate student achievements and honor the contributions of our military community, instilling a sense of national pride and respect.

Benefits of a Values-Based Education

Our focus on integrating military values offers numerous benefits for our students and the broader community.

  • Enhanced Civic Awareness: Students gain a deeper appreciation for the contributions of veterans and the importance of civic responsibility.
  • Character Building: Emphasizing military values helps shape students into disciplined, respectful, and responsible individuals.
  • Community Connection: Our efforts to honor veterans strengthen the bond between Old Town Academy and the local military community, fostering mutual support and understanding.


Our focus on military values and respect for veterans has been profoundly impactful for our students and community:

“The focus on values at Old Town Academy has given my child a unique perspective on service and sacrifice. It’s been a wonderful addition to their education.” - Parent
“Learning about the experiences of veterans has been incredibly inspiring. It’s taught me a lot about honor and respect.” - Student

Join Our Community

At Old Town Academy, we are committed to fostering respect, responsibility, and civic duty in our students. Our focus on military values and respect for veterans provides a unique and enriching educational experience. Join us and become part of a community that values service, discipline, and character.

Learn about enrollment and waitlists. We are taking lottery applications for the 2024-2025 School Year - Sign Up for Consideration Now.