Academic Success: Educating Lifelong & Active Thinkers

At Old Town Academy, our Academic Success Program is designed to nurture lifelong learners and active thinkers. We believe that education extends beyond the classroom, fostering an environment where students thrive academically and personally. Here’s how we achieve this:

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Rigorous Curriculum

Our curriculum is rooted in the Core Knowledge Sequence, ensuring a strong foundation in all essential subjects. This structured approach promotes critical thinking and deep understanding, preparing students for advanced studies and life beyond school.

  • Core Knowledge Sequence: Comprehensive and systematic learning across subjects.
  • Project-Based Learning: Encourages practical application of knowledge through hands-on projects.
  • Digital Literacy: Integrates modern technology skills essential for the future.

Holistic Development

We recognize the importance of well-rounded growth. Our programs extend beyond academics, offering a variety of extracurricular activities that enhance students’ skills and interests.

  • Music Program: Opportunities for all students to explore and develop musical talents.
  • Robotics and STEM: Engaging students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through interactive projects.
  • Arts and Physical Education: Balancing intellectual growth with creative and physical development.

Community & Values

Old Town Academy prides itself on fostering a close-knit community with a strong emphasis on core virtues. Our students learn the importance of respect, responsibility, and community involvement.

  • Core Virtues Program: Monthly focus on virtues such as integrity, empathy, and perseverance.
  • Flag Friday: Weekly assemblies that promote patriotism and community spirit.
  • Community Service: Encouraging students to give back and develop a sense of social responsibility.

Personalized Attention

With small class sizes and dedicated teachers, each student receives the attention and support they need to succeed. Our educators are committed to understanding each student’s unique strengths and challenges, ensuring a personalized educational experience.

  • Intimate Learning Environment: A smaller student body means more individualized attention and tailored instruction.
  • Supportive Faculty: Experienced and passionate teachers dedicated to student success.
  • Parent Involvement: Strong partnership between the school and families to support student learning and development.


Our approach has garnered positive feedback from parents and students alike:

“Since joining Old Town Academy, my child has developed a love for learning and a newfound confidence. The personalized attention and diverse programs have been a game-changer for us.” - Parent
“The rigorous academics and extracurricular opportunities at OTA have prepared me well for high school. I feel ready to take on new challenges and succeed.” - Student

Join Our Community

At Old Town Academy, we are committed to educating the leaders of tomorrow. Our Academic Success Program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to excel in all aspects of life. Discover the difference in a holistic education at Old Town Academy, where lifelong learning and active thinking are at the core of our mission.

Learn about enrollment and waitlists. We are taking lottery applications for the 2024-2025 School Year - Sign Up for Consideration Now.