San Diego Private School Preparation: Middle & High School

Private schools can help students achieve higher levels of academic success, but their curriculum is often more challenging and students can be overwhelmed if they’re not adequately prepared.

Old Town Academy is a charter K-8 school that prepares students for private middle schools and/or private high schools in San Diego.

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Why Should My Student Attend a Private Middle or High School?

Private middle schools and high schools offer many important benefits over public schools, including:

  • Intimate Learning Environment: Private schools usually offer smaller student bodies where students can enjoy more individualized instruction from their teachers, and students may feel more comfortable engaging in classroom conversations and offering their voices.
  • Exceptional Teachers: Private schools usually have funding to hire the most experienced and exceptional teachers, ensuring that your students receive the best instruction and learning experience possible.
  • Challenging Courses: Private schools offer more challenging curriculum that better prepares students for college, while improving their critical thinking skills and creating self-motivated learners.

Private schools have rigorous curriculum; to prepare for the academic challenges ahead, students entering a private middle school or high school should experience a similar learning environment where they can learn how to handle challenging coursework and individualized course instruction.

Our Core Learning Sequence equips students with both the knowledge foundation and the self-management skills to succeed at private high schools and universities.


How Does OTA Prepare Students for Private Schools?

Old Town Academy can prepare your student for a San Diego private school.

OTA is a charter school, but we offer a learning experience that’s similar to what students will experience in a private school: excellent student-teacher ratios, Core Knowledge Curriculum, digital literacy, exceptional teachers, and instruction that’s tailored to each individual student.

Our students will have a deep grasp of the topics they need to succeed in middle school and high school courses—especially those that prepare students for college-level courses—and our students will also have the self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-management skills to reach academic success.


What Private Schools Do OTA Students Attend?

Our students are prepared to succeed at any private school in San Diego. Many of our students attend high school at Francis Parker School, a private high school in San Diego. Francis Parker is located in Linda Vista, just a short drive from Old Town Academy.

Parent & Student Testimonials

Our success in preparing San Diego students for private school has garnered positive feedback from both parents and students:

“We were hesitant at first about sending our child to a charter school for elementary. We were worried it wouldn’t prepare them for the competitive environment of a private high school. But honestly, Old Town Academy has been incredible. The curriculum is rigorous, and they really push students to think critically and solve problems independently.” - Parent
“The workload at Old Town Academy was definitely heavier, but I never felt overwhelmed. It made it so easy to transition to the private school that I’m at now.” - Former Student

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Learn about enrollment and waitlists. We are taking lottery applications for the 2024-2025 School Year - Sign Up for Consideration Now.